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The Coca-Cola Company Case Study

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The Coca-Cola Company


Madan Mohan Reddy Mandadi


Integrated Business Functions

Prof. David Mwaura

University of the West of Scotland


28 February, 2018

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1.1 Business

1.2 Products

2. Leadership and time frame

2.1 Leadership style in Coca-Cola

2.2 Timeframe changes

3. Leadership – Success of Coca-Cola

4. Organisational Culture

5. Coca-Cola Organisational Structure

6. Evaluation of Coca-Cola using different models

6.1 STEEP Model

6.2 Porter’s analysis

6.3 SWOT Analysis

7. Stake Holders

7.1 Stake holders of Coca-Cola

8. Role of Business Functions

8.1 Human Resource Management

8.2 Marketing

8.3 Operations management in Coca-Cola

8.4 Accounting and Finance

9. Conclusion

10. References

List of Figures:

Figure 1. Evolution of coke from 1919 to 2016 and changes

Figure  2. Coke and its changes from time to time

Figure  3. Organisational Structure of Coca-Cola

Figure  4 Stake holders of Coca-Cola

Figure  5. Listening to stakeholders.

Figure  6. Coke in Olympics

Figure  7. Consolidated statement of Income of Coca-Cola 2017

Figure  8. Balance sheet of Coca-Cola, 2017

Figure  9. Financial Position of Coca-Cola in year 2017

***Word count = 3169  (Excluding table of contents and references)

1. Introduction

Coca-Cola is one of the popular soft drink brands in the world. It was founded by Dr. John S. Pemberton in Atlanta in 1886.  Coca-Cola was first presented as a fountain drink at Jacob's Pharmacy by combining Coca-Cola sweet liquid with carbonated water.

1.1 Business:

The Coca-Cola Company has a product collection of above 3900 products. It is doing business in more than 200 countries with average serving to 1.9 billion people Ninety four percent of the world population recognise Coca-Cola logo. Besides, 3.1% of all drinks taken every day around the world are the products of Coca-Cola (Keegan, 2016).


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