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The Application of Experience Management Model in Tourism - Take Ningminghuashan as an Example

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The application of experience management model in tourism----

take NingmingHuashan as an example

In the recent few years, China's tourism industry has ushered in a new upsurge. The extensive application of experience managment model becomes the biggest bright spot in this sector. On the one hand, travel issue specialized in providing experience services breathed new life into the whole industry chain; on the other hand, enterprises in the traditional tourism industry all put foucus on experience economy, which triggers an upsurge of transformation in this sector.
in latest decades, NingmingHuashan , a famous scenic spot in China, successfully got attention from all over the world, pushing China's tourism industry to a higher level. As the industry opens up, Chinese travel enterprises are facing competition at home and abroad. Experience economy will inevitably be introduced into this sector. Nonetheless, existing business models and operation experience cannot completely meet the needs of transformation.

In the face of China's Internet tourism market, which has immense potential, a lot of studies have been worked out which provides in-depth analysis and rational judgment about the market for tourism enterprises. Experience economy solution providers and investors in the following aspects, to provide decision support for enterprises:
Backed by full and accurate data, this paper expounds the application status and characteristics of experience economy in China's tourism industry, to help enterprises and investors identify and grasp the characteristics and development trend of e-commerce in the travel sector.

Moreover, it examines exprience economy application model and business model in the tourism industry. Through comparison between experience economy management model tourism and traditional tourism model, it derives the development course of experience economy with industry characteristics, to help enterprises select the right experience economy application approaches.
This paper also reveals leading travel enterprises' application awareness and purchasing power, to help solution providers further understand enterprises' needs and map out marketing strategies in a targeted manner.

The relevant departments are also adjusting the structure of tourism products, enriching the content of tourism products, and it may work at first, there are still numerous problems:

1. The experience content of sighseeing type product is monotonous.
At present, the single sightseeing tour still occupied the main market, and its main products is based on cultural relics, natural scenery. But as the passenger demand about tourism experience are improving, single tourism product couldn’t meet the demands of tourists anymore. Scenic area, therefore, must increase the value of the sightseeing type products, that is to say, add customer experience issue to this kind of product.


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