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Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Indian Context

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Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Indian Context




Abstract        2

Introduction        2

New Terms in SSCM        3

SSCM Drivers        3

Sustainable Procurement Practices        3

Sustainable Manufacturing Practices        4

Sustainable product design        4

Sustainable process design        4

Sustainable packaging        4

Sustainable Logistics Practices        4

Sustainable storage, transportation and distribution        5

Recovery/disposal of products and packaging after use        5

Human Factor        5

Employee Prospective        6

Employer Prospective        6

Corrective Measures        6

Conclusion        6


Adoption of sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) in Indian Manufacturing firms is of utmost interest in the field of research. In this paper we will discuss about findings of different surveys conducted on major Indian Firms and compare those with observations made by other surveys in developed and developing countries. This paper will also shed light on steps needed to be taken by the organizations to generate awareness towards sustainability in SSCM practises and therefore draw conclusion on future roadmap on SSCM.


Global warming and other such phenomenon along with human rights violation has called for sustainable developments. To describe sustainability, we need discuss all three factors namely Social, Environmental and Economics. This is called as Triple Bottom Line (TBL) as shown in figure:

[pic 7]

Fig. 1: Dimensions of sustainability: Triple Bottom Line (TBL or 3BL) (Source: UN Global Compact Report: BSR)

Though economic viability is of primary concern for an organization but in today’s world causing irreversible damage to eco-system and depriving employees of their basic needs for economic gains will not suffice in long run. Now to speak of Evolution in supply chain management let us look at the following diagram:


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