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Supercuts' Market Segmentation

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All of our target market segments are either of American, Canadian, British, or Puerto Rican nationality and come from lower to middle social classes.

Segment 1: 18-50 years old men

Supercuts have identified several target market segments that will be pursued. The largest market segment (65%1) are male customers aged between 18 and 50 years old who want to have a current look at an affordable price in a convenient location. These mostly urban area citizens are usually in hurry and aren't too picky with the design of their hair cut. These customers come to the salon on average every two weeks to let their hair cut. They hardly ever buy hair products from the company.

Estimate of market size: 42.3 million (32 million for US only)

Support requirements: Supercuts have reasonable prices and have a lot of salons which are located in strip malls to maximize visibility and convenience. With the company, no appointments are necessary so a customer can get his hair done whenever he has few minutes of free time.

Positioning statement: “Quick and fashionable haircut will move you faster on your way to success.”

How to reach the segment:

- Promotion via email, newsletters

- Billboards on freeways, in malls

- Articles or advertisements in newspapers, magazines

- Free haircut events in the malls

- Reference rewards

Price sensitivity: Because they are coming from lower or middle income category, the customers could be sensitive if the prices rise. However, if the company is loyal to them and they become long-time customers, they will most likely remain with Supercuts because to find a new good salon would take too much effort and time which these men don’t have.

Segment 2: Parents of 3-13 years old children

Another segment of their target market would be parents of usually younger children, between 3-13 years old. These parents want to get a cute haircut for their children. They require fast service for good price. They expect to bring their kids, get the haircut done in 5 minutes, and leave. Children don’t like waiting. They require action or entertainment otherwise they will get bored and they will start crying or misbehave. What the parents are looking for is a nice hairdresser who will talk to the child, or who will give them a toy to play while she/he will be working on the child’s haircut. By this both the hairdresser and the parent will avoid stress from having to make the child calmer when he/she doesn’t want to get haircut. Going to hairdresser with a child should be from now a pleasant situation where a


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