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Market Segments Description

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HTMG 3050 Market Segments Description

  1. Potential market segment:

20-45 adventurous people who are interested in safari. Backpackers?

  1. Demographic: 20 – 45, both genders, backpackers
  1. Age: Our main target is people range from 20 years old to 45 years old, i.e. Generation X and Generation Y. Generation X are independent. They are able to adapt to new environment within a short period. The ability to solve problems makes them more confident about traveling. But how to relate to “interested in safari”? Generation Y are energetic. They are passionate and eager to explore wild fields. 

  1. Gender: Both the male and the female are our target group, while we will focus more on the male group. do we need to explain why ?
  2. Education: 

  1. Life cycle stage: People in their bachelor stage, or newly married couples are our main targets. College and university students, or gap year students have lighter family burdens than others. They have three to four months holiday every year. Thus, their timetables are more flexible and they are able to travel and explore Africa.

Newly married couples are our target as well. There are beautiful scenery in Zambia, such as spectacular waterfalls, peaceful lakes, true wildness safaris, etc. Travelling with beloved ones in Zambia will enhance their relationship. 

  1. Socio-economic:

All social classes are our market segment since adventurous people can be in every position and every industry. The concerns will be their economic ability and time availability.

  1. Geographic:

Republic of Zambia is located in Southern East Africa. The climate there is Savanna. According to We set the main geographic segments as urban area in Europe, South America, North America, and Southeast Asia.

  1. Urban Market Segment: People living in urban areas are usually better educated and have more deposable income. Higher education background make them more open minded and willing to try things which is different from home
  2. Europe and North America: The return tickets from the European Continent and North America to Lusaka ranges from 5,000 HKD to 22,000 HKD, given different classes. The tickets price is reasonable and affordable. The Savanna climate is also an attraction for people living in Europe and North America. They can enjoy special experience in Zambia, including but not limited to grasslands, wild animals, plants. Besides, Europe is the nearest continent to Africa. This makes it easier for people to travel to Zambia.
  3. South America: Culture in South America is one of the reasons that we segment South America. South Americans are more friendly and adventurous. They are energetic most of time and ready to explore the world. The colony background may tie these two district closer as well.
  4. Southeast Asia: The rapid growth of economy in Southeast Asia contribute to an increasing population of traveling abroad. And the diplomatic relations between Zambia and Southeast Asian countries are solid, especially with China. These two factors make Southeast Asia a large potential market.
  1. Psychographic

Lifestyle and Personality: According to the classification model developed by Young & Rubican agency, seven groups are defined: Regisned, Struggler, Mainstreamer, Aspirer, Succeeder, Explorer, and Reformer. Due to the variable features in Africa and its unique environment, chances are high that travellers may not live in grand hotel rooms every day. It is more like an adventure outdoors. The main segments are Explorers and Reformers. As name indicated, Explorers are willing to explore the unfamiliar world and prepared for unexpected challenges which cannot be encountered in daily routine life. Reformers are free from restrictions so that they can make independent judgement on where and when to go.


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