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Starting and Marketing a Small Business

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Ermurateva 1

Evgeniia Ermurateva

Professor Paul Pensabene

BUS 100

10 December 2013

Starting and marketing a small business

«SBA defines a small business oncern as one that is independently owned

and operated, is organized for profit, and is not dominant in its field.», this

information was found on

1.Strarting a small business.

1.1. Choosing a business.

Almost every person has dreamed about opening his own business. A lot

of people have great business ideas but most of them forget about them almost

immediately. People have different reasons for starting their own business. They want

to earn a lot of money, to become independant, to build a good future, and «become

their own boss», as said on But before starting your own business

you have to answer some questions. One of the questions is the reason for starting a

business. The other is what type of business are you going to start. Also you have to

think about skills and knowledges which will help you to start a business.

One of the most important and hardest part of starting a small business is

thinking about the idea for your business. There are many options for starting a small

business, you can buy a ready business or a franchise, or you can work with your

own idea for small business, you can open a home-based business. First of all you

have to understand which knowledge and skills will help you to start a business. If

you have skills for using the Internet, it could help you to open a firm of designing

Ermurateva 2

Web Sites. If you have accounting knowledge and love to work with numbers, it can

help you to open a tax service. Also you can use equipment what you have,for

example, video, photo


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