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Pestel Analysis of Russia

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Analysis of countries

FAGE is a Greek company that produces dairy products. Our plan is to expand and go internationally to other markets in order to achieve growth and to increase our clientele. More specifically, our initial aim was to expand the "total" yogurt in Turkey and Russia because we believe that these countries have many prospects of growth. Karla Pollock, claims that "yogurt is a very hot category right now. In fact, we get more requests for it in our suggestion box than any other product group. It takes an enormous amount of space, and its very labor intensive to stock, but there are tremendous sales, which have picked up even recently."

According to Laura Acevedo companies decide to expand and go international for many reasons. First of all, the majority of companies look to international markets for growth. This means introducing new products lines internationally that can expand the company's sales. Some others want to go international to locate the resources that are difficult to obtain in their local markets, or that can be achieved at better prices in an international level. Another reason is to broaden their work force and think of new projects and ideas that they can implement in the near future. Most of the times, the work force includes people from different backgrounds who have cultural differences and this can bring innovative ideas to help a company grow. In addition, some companies go international to diversify.

Justification of country choice: Turkey

The first reason that we chose this country is the excellent location. More analytically, it is located at the Eurasian crossroads between Eastern European, Mediterranean, Black Sea and the Caspian Sea regions. Moreover, it is a neighbor country and we will not have high transportation costs. It can also open


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