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Outdoor Digital Media in China

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Outdoor Digital Media in China: Tulip Mega Media in the Run-Up to the Beijing Olympics

Research Problem

Current situation

  • Tulip is acting fine on the outdoor digital media market in China.

Desired situation

  • To continue the rapid growth on the outdoor digital media market after the Olympics in Beijing.


It’s unclear what the impact of the Olympics in Beijing is going to be on Tulip’s performance.


Company Objective

After the Olympic Games, we want to aggressively build networks and race for new leadership. Furthermore, we want to maintain the rapid growth we have reached during the Olympics.

Research Objective

To describe how the competitor Advision is operating in the outdoor digital media market, describe the best strategy for Tulip to adapt after the Olympics.



-High marketshare; only one other competitor.

- Strong financial position to carry out it’s expansion plan.

- A new innovative product.

- Deep relationship with the local autorities


  • Undifferentiated products (i.e. in relation to Advision)
  • Location of Tulip  (based in Shanghai, as well as Advision, competition was fierce between the two operators in terms of securing rights from real-estate owners as well as competing for shares of clients’ budgets. )


  • A developing outdoor digital media market in China of 18% of total advertising spending.
  • Growth of the number of people spending more time out of their home
  • Olympic Games in Beijing


  • New entrants in the outdoor digital media market.
  • Re-arrangement of the city landscape

Research Questions

  • Which advertising channels are available in our market? (E)
  • Who is in our target group? (I&E)
  • Can we rise to the challenge and to repeat the success of some of our predecessors, such as Focus Media and AirMedia? (I&E)


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