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Norah D'consultant Group Case Study

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Company History

Norah D'Consultant Group of Companies was founded by Mdm Norah H. and her husband Mr Mohd Hazi. Mdm Norah H. graduated with a Bachelor in Business Marketing while Mr Mohd Hazi graduated with a Bachelor in Engineering, both from NTU. Mdm Norah then went on to pursue Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from NIE while the latter changed course to pursue a Diploma in Financial Planning from Singapore College of Insurance and Chartered Financial Consultant from American College.

Mdm Norah subsequently went on to become a Financial Planner. During the course of her job, she realized that there is a "pressing need for the society in general to be financially savvy and not just manage their finances without any Financial Knowledge and Skills. This eventually motivated her to set-up her own financial consultant services company.

Together with her husband, who played an advisory role, they set up Norah D'Consultant in Januray 2008. They aim to educate the society about Financial Literacy and Planning through a self-planned structured curriculum.

Target Market

Working adults:

1) Better manage their finances

2) Advice on how to set up their business

3) Malaysians: Some who received little education and hope to enhance their financial managerial skills


1) Enhancing the financial managerial abilities of their employees

2) Help corporate better manage their finances, cash flow and accounts

Societies: Personal development of club members

2008 year of financial crisis: Many realized the importance of having financial managerial skills be it for personal or for corporation purposes


1) Financial Literacy & Planning Workshop

2) Entrepreneurship Skills Workshop

3) Financial Planning Tools

4) Food catering


Other training and motivational workshop organisers in both M'sia and S'pore such as Adam Khoo


• Strong network in Malaysia

• Strong customer (mostly Muslim) base in Malaysia

• Knowledge and first-hand experience in financial planning

• Able to empathize


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