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Mohammed's Furniture Company

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Mohammed’s company is engaged in development, design, manufacture, and sale various kinds of furniture. Mohammed’s also develops, produces, manufactures, and market office-use furniture. Mohammed’s manufacturing facilities are located in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kingdom of Bahrain. Its furniture products can be marketed throughout the world. Mohammed’s come out with a decision that is opening a new branch in the United States.

In order to expand globally, Mohammed’s Human Recourses Manager should keep in mind the various global issues. The first one is development of an international human resource management strategy. It has to be logical and well-conceived with cohesive and coherent strategy. Mohammed’s adopt what is called an ethnocentric staffing model, which is primarily use parent-country nationals to higher-level foreign position. This strategy well be more effective in representing the views of the home office in the United State. The second issue is the understanding the cultural environment in the United State. The culture defined as the set of values, symbols, beliefs, languages that guide the behavior of people. In addition Mohammed’s should apply the dimensions as power distance, individualism versus collectivism, masculinity versus femininity, uncertainty avoidance, and the time orientation. The third issue is the understanding the political and legal environment in the United State. In order to understand them Mohammed’s should illustrates four fundamental aspects of the political and legal environment of international business that are primary concern for human recourse manager: government stability, trade controls, trade incentives, and economic communities. The manager should also keep in mind the rule of discriminate in an employment.

Human recourse manager should also understand the training and development needs of the United State workforce to help perform their job. Compensation must be addressed. United


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