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Management Accounting and Financial Decision Making

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Faculty of Business and Law

Version 1

 Date 24/08/16

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Module Handbook

Module Name: Financial Accounting and Reporting

Module Code: UMAD5F-30-2

Module Leader Name:

Dr. Ismail Ufuk Misirlioglu and Dr. Aylwin Yafele


Aim of the Handbook

The handbook is a guide for students in the Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance. The information in the handbook can also be found in a number of other electronic or paper sources and the document provides links to the definitive data sources wherever possible.

Please note that the electronic version of the handbook will be kept up to date and you will be notified of any significant changes.  If you have taken a hard copy of any information please remember to refer back to the electronic version to ensure that you are working with the most up to date information.


1.        Module team information        3

2.        Module enhancement        3

3.        Module specific information        3

4.        Assignment Brief        6

5.        Submission details        6

6.        Additional information and reading strategies        7

7.        Communication        7

8.        Advice and support        8

  1. Module team information

(Contact details are available from the module Blackboard site.)

Module leader(s): Dr. Ismail Ufuk Misirlioglu and Dr. Aylwin Yafele

Module team member: Miss Nicola Horner

External examiners from other institutions are appointed to each module to act independently and work with the module team in the management of threshold academic standards.  The external examiner appointed to this module can be found at


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