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Loews Assesses the Need for Employee Training?

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The Human Resources department can gather the information by spending more time with the employees on the floor and prepare the department report card to inform on how performance is on the move. With all information from the chief learning officer, Human Resources department can analyze where training should be placed in the organization, and they would know what skills, knowledge, and abilities employees still lack and need more to be trained on. And they can do personal analyses to know who needs training.

Feedback and Reinforcement are principals of learning that embed in the Loews program.

Managers work in the department and build the relationship with the employees on the floor. Employees watch managers in action, doing spot checks, and giving feedback afterward. Employees can capture the effective operation that should be performed. Moreover, when the managers work together with trainees, they have opportunities to give them feedback that can help employees improve their knowledge, skills, and abilities on the spot. The program starts with an operation focus, and on the front-desk employees, maintenance positions, and others. The employees who work in the operation field get better training while they monitor the work of professionals. That can help them remember and practice well because all the discipline is in the program in different ways. Trainers should coach employees very closely.

3.Do you think Loews should activity work toward incorporating more e-learning methods into its training programs? Why or why not?


Yes, e- learning is a choice that can help employees understanding their job requirement and the way the company solves its problems. It may show the case study from DVD, or employees can search online - training libraries in order to customize their own learning in their own time and space.


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