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Innocent Drinks Company - International Growth

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Company – Innocent

Starting your business from scratch is hard, but interesting. Often it seems that time is wasted and the result is not worth the effort. But if you find "your own formula for success," you will be able to live in prosperity. In this essay I would like to talk about the company '' Innocent '' is one of many examples of successful business from scratch from the life of entrepreneurs who, thanks to their ideas of creativity and the desire to live in prosperity, built a successful business in quite a short time

Its history began in 1999, when three graduates of Cambridge University decided to start making natural juices. And it all started with an idea! In one summer months, at the London Music Festival, three friends decided to hold an action: by purchasing 500 pounds of various fruits, they sold freshly squeezed juice in bottles at the weekend. Then the visitors had to vote with the help of the same bottles. 

The voting process was that those who bought the juice had to leave an empty juice bottle in a container labeled "YES", if the person believed that the idea of ​​selling freshly squeezed juice without preservatives, water and sugar is so good that the one Is ready to join their company by quitting his job. It must be said that the container "Yes" was quickly crowded. Having made sure that their idea should be implemented, they began work on the design of packaging for juices and production itself. 

But As in any business activity, investments were required. Friends found a man who invested in their project 250,000 pounds sterling. It was an American businessman Maurice Pinto. The company quickly became popular. Eight offices in Europe have 12,000 representations of Ireland, France, Denmark, Germany, Holland and Britain. The total share of the fruit juice market is 68%.

Juices, which are sold by Innocent, are made only from natural products. These products are purchased from farmers who comply with the standards of nature protection and working conditions. Buying products from the hands of manufacturers, you can be confident in their quality. Quality control of Innocent products is very strict. All products comply with environmental standards. The name Innocent in translation means "Innocent child". Thus, the manufacturer shows that his products are environmentally friendly. And it is designed mainly for baby food. 

As a result, the company's growth in a short time was increased from three ordinary guys to 12,000 retailers and 200 employees worldwide. In 2006, the juice "Innocent" for children began to be delivered to 500 schools in England, in order to supplement the vitamins with the ration of schoolchildren. To its success the company, first of all, is obliged to its non-standard views on ordinary things. For example, the texts on bottles with juice are unique, with a humorous tinge and are clearly oriented towards "living" people. And here's another example: who would have thought of sticking a label "upside down", so that a person, having noticed this, turned the bottle, thereby shaking it, imperceptibly making the juice ready for use! It's amazing! And the cars on which Innocent products are transported are presented in the form of cows, even the sound of the signal is a cow mooing.


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