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Infosys Global Delivery Model

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Infosys Global Delivery Model


1. Started in 1981 by 7 professional with USD 250.grown to a multi-billion dollar and most admirable company in the world within 30 years.

2. Recognized as leader in application offshore services

3. Infosys wanted to become a globally respected company when it started.

4. Pioneered Global Delivery Model for delivering application development projects

5. The model enabled Infosys to offer high quality work at lower coat and reduced lead times

6. Infosys developed GDM to offer their customer quality delivery at the low cost by leveraging technology and disciplined processes

7. While the main objective was to offer low cost competitive advantage Infosys also used GDM to grow multifold and develop in house skills

1. Examine and Comment on the factors that compelled Infosys to develop its own model for delivering IT Services. Explain the working of Infosys’s Global Delivery Model (GDM) in detail. Explain how GDM is a source of competitive advantage to Infosys.

Compelling reasons for Infosys GDM

Infosys initially worked as body shopper placing Indian software professionals at the client location. Later on Infosys grown to provide onsite services by placing their employees at the client location and develop software as per customer requirements. The model worked to be a costly proposition. Local people with skills was not readily available and in case if they were available they were expensive too. At the same time Knowledge work force cost in India was very cheap and it was able to convince the customers that work can be done as per their expectations

Infosys used this opportunity to offer the customer low cost advantage, Lesser Lead time and high quality and differentiated itself from the competitors for application development. These business reasons made Infosys to develop a common model for delivering the project through Global Delivery Model. Another benefit Infosys achieved by executing the project is to build the managerial skills inside the organization that will fuel further growth.

The success of global delivery model and advancement in technology the GDM was adopted to many other Infosys services like package implementation, consulting, testing and system integration etc.

Working of Global Delivery Model


Infosys developed Global Delivery Model by executing the jobs of large software development projects at three distinct locations. The model helped mitigate all the project risks while providing low costs high


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