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Ikea - Human Rights - Workers Health and Safety

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IKEA recognises the basic principles of Human Rights which defined by the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (United Nations 1948) and also adheres to UN decisions on trade boycotts and embargoes.

Workers Health and Safety

IKEA ensures work place safety of it’s employees by having fire prevention policy and the actions plan if fire happened. Besides, within the working environment, IKEA also have several actions to meet the expectations where workers are working in a health and safety environment. This included health and safety training to the workers who operates machines, equipments or carrying out potentially hazardous operations. It also ensures to provide a safety work place to avoid unnecessary accident happen. Personal Protective equipment, first aid equipment, first aid trained persons, internal air quality and work place temperature, drinking water, food and etc.

IKEA also has a Health and safety committee to reduce the number of incidents and accidents. The idea is to increase the workers involvement in improving their working environment.

Employee Benefits

IKEA ensures employees covered by sufficient work benefits by setting a rule where payroll and attendance records of the employees have to be kept, employees should not work more than 60 hours a week included overtime hours. It also adheres to a standard where break time and duration has been set and the salary payment to the employees must be paid on time according to local legislation.

Prevention of Child Labour

IKEA and IKEA’s suppliers shall abide by the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child. During hiring of a worker the company shall obtain the legally recognised birth certificate to ensure no child labour has been hired.


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