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Hyundai and Kia in Mexico

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A Smart City in the Making


A context of increased competition between territories for attracting investments and people has led the cities to implement Marketing and Branding strategies. Those strategies should be adapted in order to fit the cities’ requirements and needs, consequently city managers and planners have to be initiated to those techniques. The city’s image is a central item here. Every possible asset of the city should be enhanced to improve people’s perception of the city (residents but also potential residents and visitors).

City Branding has demonstrated certain success in first world countries. Fernández y Paz (2005) mentions that City brands have contributed to “improve city image, potentialize and secure the relations between the inhabitants and their government, to increase the closeness between the social leaders and improve the participation from the public and private organizations; it is important to develop this tool in order to strength the inhabitants attitude toward their productive structure“.

However, there is no clear evidence of success about city branding in third world or developing countries. It is important to discover if a city branding strategy would be successful in a city like Mexicali, Baja California.  There are other Mexican cities using city branding strategies. Some of these are: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Querétaro and Cancun. Their city branding is evident and successful; the tourism has raised, the foreign investment is advancing and their residents are happier. Can it be possible for Mexicali to succeed? What assets should be promoted? What are the main points that Mexicali can develop to improve its image?

Mexicali is the state capital, and borders at north with California and Arizona, U.S.A. and it is also one of the best cities in Mexico to live in, work, and establish businesses. Its agricultural, industrial, trade and tourism vocation has led this thriving city to outstand for its entrepreneurial spirit and its contribution to the State´s economic development. With continuous growth and a highly educated population, the state capital continues to progress, managing to offer an excellent quality of life to residents and business people inhabiting this city. But, not everything is just perfect. Criminal activity, pollution, poverty, corruption, extreme weather and the high cost of living, can eclipse the city brand strategy.

Keywords: City marketing, city branding, city brand, strategic planning, marketing, social development.

When the product (city) is good, but not good enough…

Mexicali (a blend derived from MEXIco and CALIfornia) was officially founded on March 14, 1903. It is also the capital city of Baja California in Mexico (which is a developing country), and has a population rapidly approaching one million. It grew out of a development project by the California Development Company that tapped into the Colorado River to irrigate the region and create fertile lands for farming. The population fluctuates greatly due to the ebb and the flow of immigrant workers. Mexicali is a very prosperous city, especially when you consider that this major center of agriculture and industry is located in the middle of the very hot and very dry desert.


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