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How Can Cultural Soft Power Affect Country’s Export?

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3

II. Methods-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3

III. Literature Review-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4

IV. Findings----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5

1. Korean Wave increased culture exports--------------------------------------------------------5

2. Korean Wave is also helpful for other industries’ exports-----------------------------------7

3. China is having a fever on K-everything------------------------------------------------------9

V. Recommendation-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11



Appendix I: Survey Questions-----------------------------------------------------------------------14

Appendix II: GDP OF Korea-------------------------------------------------------------------------15

Appendix III: Korea Balance of Trade--------------------------------------------------------------16 

I. Introduction:

Old viewpoints always separate a country’s culture and the economy to two irrelative topics, because some economic experts and scholars who know little about their culture tend to ignore the contribution of cultural soft power made to economy. However, taking South Korea’s cultural and exporting condition as an example, this paper will show on how many aspects and how strongly has Korean culture affected the export.

South Korea is a relatively small country that has a scarcity of resources, a problem that restricts the economic development. International trade, so became a significant support of their economy. “Korean Wave” is a new term to represent the spread of Korean culture all over the world, following the late 1990s. Researches shows that the Korean Wave boosted Korean cultural industries export as well as other manufactures’ export, and the impetus in Chinese market seems more notable.

Based on the findings


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