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Ford Pinto Case Study

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Ford Pinto Case Study


Using the eight-step model helps organize the company decision making process. Gathering such facts as Ford wanting to beat foreign completion in the small car market and failing due to rushed production. People were killed and injured due to the defective gas tank. This could have all been prevented with a change to the gas tanks design. This was not changed because the company wanted to save money. The Engineer (2006) quotes Iacocca's specifications for the design of the car, “The Pinto was not to weigh an ounce over 2,000 pounds and not cost a cent over $2,000." By analyzing the case using the eight-step model, the decision has been made to recall the Ford Pinto.

Case Analysis Using the Eight-Step model

When in business there are many ethical decisions to make. These decisions are, but are not limited to: who to keep and terminate from employment, How to prioritize the purchase of essential business supplies and equipment and how to improve overall business functionality and efficiency. Using the 8 Steps of Sound Ethical Decision Making in Business decreases the difficulty of the decision process. The 8 steps are as follows; gathering the facts, define the ethical issues, identify the affected parties (stakeholders), Identify the consequences, identify the obligations, consider your character and integrity, think creatively about potential actions, and trust your gut. The use of these steps in the Pinto Fires Case Study will aid in the decision as to whether or not the vehicle should, or should not, be recalled.

Step One: Gathering the Facts

When using the step one of the eight-step model facts are to be gathered. This is a very important step when analyzing decisions. Although it is easier said than done the decision maker must ask themself the following questions: How did the situation occur? Are there historical facts that I should know? Are there facts concerning the current situation that I should know? Even though these questions seem easy to answer it can sometimes be difficult. A person may not have all the answers, because the answers may not available. But the decision maker must assemble the facts that are available to use. Here is step one analyzed through the Ford Pinto Fires Case Study:

On August 10, 1978, three girls died while driving in a 1973 Ford Pinto while traveling to a church volleyball practice. The names of the individuals involved in the accident were Lynn Marie Ulrich, 16, Donna Ulrich, 18, and Judy Ann Ulrich, 18. The girls were hit from the back and the fuel tank exploded leaving the vehicle engulfed in flames. Two of the girls were trapped inside the car and with three attempts Judy Ann finally escaped the burning car but later died from the intense burn wounds from the accident.



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