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First National Toyota

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First National Toyota: The key take away for me was, lean manufacturing need not be used just for manufacturing companies and can be extended to any company which has labor intensive operations. The other Key take away is - improving efficiency and quality is not a onetime goal, but must be an undertaken as an ongoing and continuous processes improvement so as to eliminate waste and deliver quality product at the right time. At Allegis we have adopted the Agile Methodologies to deliver quality project to our business partners on time.  Agile has enabled us to reduce wait time between our team members by utilizing the Kankan board and continuously deliver quality products by implementing quality checks called desk checks earlier in our development process. Desk checks have allowed up to quality check our product much earlier in our lifecycle than the traditional check towards the end. However we still struggle with finding the optimum capacity for our resources, where we don’t have peaks and valleys.

Business Plan Remakes Meth Market: The key take away of this article was how quick and reactive the Meth drug lords are to their environments and markets.  Also how quickly they adapt to any changes in the demand and supply of their goods and find ways to overcome the hurdles and turn a profit. This can be seen clearly in how they adopted to legal and environment hurdles, by importing the Meth powder/ liquid disguised as antifreeze and creating the crystals in conversation labs in California, as crystals fetch higher prices and by ensuring the labs were in California allowed them to react faster to the domestic demand.  Allegis is trying to adopted the “closer to your customer “ policy by implementing the “Follow the Sun” policies where the helpdesk and 1st line of dev support are spread out around the globe  - India to meet the Asia market and Bracknell to meet the European market and Maryland for Eastern US market. However as Maryland is where the Institutional knowledge lives we end up being the bottlenecks to our Global operations.


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