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Emirates National Oil Company - Sustainable Business Case Study

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Sustainable Business Case Study

Emirates National Oil Company

Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) is a Dubai government owned corporation founded in 1993.  ENOC is a multi-interest oil and gas group operating in Dubai and Northern Emirates in United Arab Emirates, though it is not operating in the state of Abu Dhabi, the largest among all emirates of the country.

With its’ primary focus on developing both upstream and downstream activities in oil & gas sector ENOC has expanded into several other highly growing business sectors and has built long-term value not only for its stakeholders, but for the country as well.

The vision statement elaborates the corporation’s policy as “ENOC’s vision is to be a leading integrated oil and gas group that is highly profitable and socially responsible towards its employees, the communities it serves in and the environment. (ENOC Brochure, 2016)

The corporation is putting much effort towards environmental, social and economic sustainability and is acclaimed a major contributor towards society by many national and international associations.

ENOC is the winner of several international awards for environmental sustainability, high service standards, and quality.

ENOC has initiated a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in 2010. The basic purpose of ENOC CSR program is to focus on society not only in United Arab Emirates but in the whole world. ENOC has raised funds for Dubai Charity Association and United Nations World Food Programme for addressing global hunger.

ENOC is a strong contributor in environment protection, raising awareness in health & safety and community development activities. ENOC established Emirates Gas which is meant for promoting use of Compressed Natural Gas as one of the initiatives for environmental protection by providing clean and green fuel of choice to support ‘Green Economy for Sustainable Development’ vision of the UAE.

“We are deploying talent and technology to diversify our offerings to achieve sustainable development.” (Saif Humaid Al Falasi, 2016)

Environmental Considerations:

Eco-friendly filling station to open in Dubai

In the effort of supporting energy conservation and extending initiatives on the topic of environmental sustainability, ENOC established the Middle East's first eco-friendly service station in 2010 featuring state of the art vapour recovery system for ensuring the stoppage of toxic fumes to go into atmosphere and cause environmental and occupational health hazards. (Todorova, 2011)

ENOC to open Middle East's first green' service station

Another ENOC’s initiative towards environmental sustainability is the introduction of Very Low Sulfur Diesel (VLSD). This innovative product contains 10 times less sulfur than the standard Diesel thus keeps both car engine and environment clean for everyone.

ENOC also equipped its service stations with LED lights using solar powered poles. The selected LED lights have long life of up to 50,000 hours with low voltage consumption and are safe against electrical fire hazards. The Lamps are not supposed to be replaced before 12 years.


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