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Eli Lilly Case Analysis

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Eli Lilly Case Analysis

Q.1) Should Brandon Myers recommend a delay in the launch? Justify your decision (by case facts and data)

A.1) I believe that Brandon Myers should recommend a delay in the launch. There are issues which are still left to be sorted.


Education is of most importance and needs more attention as “Xigris is a completely new drug” Time must be spent on the new sales organization. The target need to be extended beyond critical-care specialists. More trials need to be performed using scoring systems that practicing physicians are aware of (unlike Apache II).


Price of $6800 is unreasonable. Meyers need to perform more market analysis instead of using QALY. I recommend a price of $4200. You can see from the following graphs that sales figure will be met a year later and the high growth rate will help in reaching future targets.

Year Market growth rate

2002 n.a

2003 57.5%

2004 42.5%

2005 55.9%

Therefore a delay provides enough time to clean up the rough edges

Q.2) What are the advantages and disadvantages of a delay?

A.2) the Advantages are:

Fixing of Fail Points of PROWESS trial

Firstly, the PROWESS trial should include the 10% of severe sepsis patients who were excluded, especially since the promotion plan focuses on the impact of Xigris on “all patients”.



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