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Diversity in the Workplace: Tom's of Maine Purity of Spirit

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1. How should management accommodate a variety of conflicting spiritual perspectives in the workplace?

An employer is required by law to reasonably accommodate a religious request unless the request presents undue hardship on the business. The trick is to make sure that the organization allows for each religious request on an equal basis.

A good example of working to avoid the tensions and conflicts that might arise by mixing religion and work is the Ford Interfaith Network (FIN) which operates within Ford Motor Company. The Interfaith Network has a representative from each religion on the network’s executive committee. Questions about another member’s faith is asked and answered through formal channels developed by the Interfaith Network. The questions might be answered by a committee representative or by a guest religious scholar.

Another company, Wells Fargo, one of the top 50 companies to make the Diversity list of 2005 has strict guidelines on the creation of employee-resource groups. Religious groups do not meet the criteria. According to the assistant vice president of corporate communications there are just too many religious groups to accommodate them all. However, Wells Fargo does permit informal religious gatherings on site.

Os Hillman, an evangelical Christian, who advised companies such as Coca Cola and Toyota regarding faith-at-work issues, believes that companies “should promote fairness for each group and leave it at that.” Companies recognize that “faith and religion are an important part of an employee’s identity” and that religious diversity has a future in corporate America. Now companies must find a way to provide accommodations to conflicting spiritual perspectives in a way that is equal to everyone. These accommodations will make better employees and a better place to work.

There are many companies who support and promote


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