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Case Study - the Canadian National Bank

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Case Study: The Canadian National Bank

        The following is a case study of Pam Stewart, a middle aged female who works for the Canadian National Bank as a customer service representative. Pam Stewart has been known for disrupting the workplace atmosphere in many different ways over the years that she has been working there. Pam is an asset to the chatham branch because she has 25 years of experience working there. However Pam not easy to manage, she does not deal with change well, many people in the workplace are intimidated by her and she also tends to bring her issues from home to work. Due to the recent deregulation of the financial services industry many changes were to come to the Canadian banking industry. The Canadian National Bank not being an acceptation, has been forced implement these new changes. Pam is clearly struggling with these changes. Lesley Mahon being the manager of customer service is the person in charge of making sure that these changes are implemented to the Chatham branch. Lesley is doing her best to help Pam deal with the changes, but it seems Pam is unwilling to accept the help and would much rather seek out new issues. Pam has now officially sent in a complaint to NCEC about Lesley. Pam did this without following the proper guidelines of filling a complaint. In this case study the only resolution I can see is, to call a meeting with the area manager Robert Aronson, Pam and Lesley so they can take the steps required to resolve the issues at hand.


        Pam Stewart has become a rather large issue for Lesley Mahon, while working at the Chatham branch of the Canadian National Bank. This being due to her strong headedness, inability to deal with change and  stress .  The main issues with Pam are that she has not been following the new protocol that head office has implemented and when confronted there is no resolution because she always storms off, she is starting to work slower which means she is leaving more work for her co-workers, she complains about being stressed about her job position, she is constantly seeking new reasons to argue or file a complaint against Lesley and now Lesley has to deal with NECE because Pam filed a complaint without trying to communicate properly with any managers or human resources.  

        The first incident Lesley had with Pam was on Lesley’s first day when she called Pam into her office to brief her on the goals for the immediate future. Pam expressed that she is unwilling to deal with the changes that Lesley has to  implement. A few days later Lesley noticed that Pam had not been completing job tasks as required, when Lesley confronted her Pam just brushed it off. The second incident took place on Monday, October 28th, Pam has requested a change in job description. Because her previously agreed on position, which is rotating on a weekly basis between customer service representative and a utility clerk position has become to stressful for her to handle. Pam even went as far as to get a doctors note claiming her job was to stressful. Lesley had a hard time seeing how it was stressful. When Lesley spoke to Sarah Wright who is the one that shares the job rotation with Pam, she was informed that Pam’s teenaged daughter has recently had a child and that Pam and her husband are taking care of the child. Which seemed to explain the high stress levels that Pam has, we now see that the stress is not all work related. Shortly after Lesley was informed of this, Pam took a short-term disability leave due to unbearable job related stress.  The third incident occurred on February 24, when pam came into Lesley’s office to tell her that she would like to take an accounting class on the nights that she is scheduled to work late. Lesley calmly told her that the schedule has been set by head office and cannot be changed for another seven months and suggested that she take the accounting class in seven months. Pam gave Lesley the impression that the issue was resolved and left the office. The final incident occurred on February 26th when Robert called Lesley into his office to inform her that Pam had came to Robert for a confidential counselling meeting. She told Robert she “felt harassed” by Lesley because of her emotional problems and that Lesley was “Intentionally blocking her development” Pam also informed Robert that she had made an official complaint to NCEC about Lesley. Pam did so without following the proper guidelines of filing this complaint. Pam was supposed to have communicated with Lesley then Robert then Human Resources and if none of that worked then she was to file a complaint to NECE.


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