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Call Center Service

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Assignment 1

Chantale and Clinton Call for Service

Sample issues to be addressed:

  1. What were Chantale and Clinton’s service expectations? How did they develop them?

Their service expectation was developed from the past good experience with The Canadian products and service, which create their 27 years of loyalty. Chantale has also always described the company policies to be customer-oriented service since she worked at The Canadian as a department manager. Their expectation can also be influenced by the price of the product and extended warranty that they paid. Some service expectations are the following:

  • Rapid response: solve customers complaint/problems in a reasonable amount of time or timely manner; not keep delaying the service
  • Reliability: consistency of performance and dependability of the service provided
  • Responsibility: keep their promise to their customers and do the duties appropriately
  • Courtesy: respect, politeness, consideration and friendliness
  • Communication: keep customers update on information and verify the service quality
  • Credibility: trustworthiness, believability and honesty of the employees
  • Personal social relationship: to make clients feel that they are cared, appropriate client contact
  • Competency: the staff are well trained for the tasks

  1. What is your evaluation of The Canadian’s provision of repair service?

The service does not show a customer-oriented process such as providing the right customer experience and the desired outcomes by the organization. The experience can be the following: right degree of personal interaction, responsiveness of the staffs, customers feel valuable, courtesy and competency of the staffs, etc. For the outcomes, it can be defined as the perceived products & service quality, benefits and fairness, positive emotion and their intention to be returned customers based on their experience. In other words, the customer’s experience and desired outcomes were not achieved and create customers’ dissatisfaction.

Lean concept might not been enforced or implemented. For example, there are a lot of wastes such as the transportation of the technician (e.g. Miguel was not able to do his job due to the lack of equipment; thus there is an unnecessary waste in transportation to get the job done appropriately). Waiting time is another big issue to customers. Therefore, there is a need to improve the process by engaging the managers and frontline workforce to create a system that maximizes the customer perceived value and reducing the wastes. This can then improve customer perceived service quality.

The company might not have trained their employees on the importance of retaining valuable customers (e.g. lifetime value of a customer, not just when the customer purchases the products or service). It is also important to let the employees know their value to the customers, such as after purchase service has a strong impact on the quality of the service provided. In addition, the competency of some workers in the company is also questionable. The organization needs to ensure that all employees have the appropriate skills to do their tasks, a safe & efficient system implemented in the workplace.


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