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Business Negotiation Skills on Conducting Negotiation Abroad

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Business Negotiation Skills

Week 10

Sampreeta M. Bhat


Section C

Breaking Deadlines: Steps

Step 1: Accurately identify the OP’s needs that are not being met.

Step 2: Review the process of how you are managing the negotiation and stop discussing the content of the matter on which you are deadlocked. Eg, Checking style, climate etc.

Step 3: Act to create some kind of process that is seen by the other party as potentially moving the negotiation towards meeting their needs, without causing loss of face.

Concession Making: Gaining Concessions

  • Make the OP make the first concession
  • Help the OP concede by providing a rationale
  • When OP makes a concession-lock in commitment
  • Analyse the sequence of concessions made

Making Concessions

  • Carefully plan the concession making process
  • Avoid making concessions during differentiation
  • Propose concessions tentatively test the waters
  • Exchange concessions invoke reciprocity
  • Offer your concession as a reward for OP’s hard work
  • Value your concessions from the OP’s view
  • Review the short and long-term consequences
  • Retain sufficient for final commitment
  • Quantify everything that you do

Communication and Negotiation

Communication Techniques

A number of communication techniques are developed for negotiation purposes. These require constant practice by all negotiations. The area covered are

  • Using questions to build argument
  • Listening skills
  • Body language

Using questions to build argument

  • Open Ended Questions
  • Reflective Questions
  • Hypothetical Questions

Ask an open ended question to open up communication

Before responding with you point of view – build rapport be empathetic- Ask a reflective question

Finally when we have to make a statement, consider using a hypothetical question (HQ) or make the statement hypothetically


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