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Burger King Discussion Answers

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1. By mid-2009, Burger King was not in any of the following five countries:

France, India, Nigeria, Pakistan and South Africa .

And comparing these countries as possible future locations for Burger King will be as according to me the first preference will go to the countries that have good amount of Non-Veg consumption in it.

As Burger King is known for its Non-Veg products e.g. Beef and Hamburger and other beef products. Which can be famous in all the countries whose people consumes the beef and Non-Veg products most. And where there is a good amount of youth too.


France, Pakistan and South Africa will be the good and vast market for any country to

Penetrate into it and get their business going well and expand their business as well as

Get the best returns on it. As these are the countries with the large population and with big population of youth to who consumes Junk Food the most.

In India they will have lesser chance to grow their business although there is a vast market for any company can’t resist to get in to it. But Burger King is Knows for the Non-Veg product and India’s most of the population consumes Veg products more. So in India there will be a large market but lesser chances to expand their business and getting successful they cannot get the success in India without changing their uniqueness. Nigeria is not a Large and vast market to get into as there are not more population and lesser ratio of youth people

So, According to me Burger king should go ahead with this three big potential and large market to expand their business there.

2. As an International Restaurant company, specifically Burger King having their own big image worldwide they do have many advantages as well as disadvantages.


As having a Big Image and Being a Big Player in the market worldwide, everyone knows and familiar with the Brand and their products, so they don’t have to Advertise that much as people knows it already . People loves to eat good and Healthy food which but obvious a big Brand and company maintains the quality of the company so people do have faith in them. And they follow them and trust them well they can create a good relation between them and people. They already have a good capital so they are thinking to expand so they can maintain their standard and uniqueness as well.

So these are the Advantages of being an International restaurant company.




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