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Bis 220 Week 2

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Information Systems


Table of Contents

Information Systems        

The Major Capabilities of Information Systems        

Diagram Information Technology Systems Inside        

Diagram Information Technology Systems Outside        

Functional Area Information Systems        

Flow Chart        

Transaction Processing System        

Point of Sale Credit Card Processor        


Personal Finance        


Information Systems

There are different types of information systems. The computer-based information system (CBIS) is a system of information that uses all types of new and old technology to execute the systems tasks. The simple components of information systems are:

  • Hardware is a part of the computer receives the information and data, and then it processes it, and then displays the information. The devices are printer, monitor, processor, and keyboard.
  • Software gives directions to a computers processor to execute specific operations.
  • Database is a systematized collection of data.
  • Network is a connection of computers using either a wired line or a wireless this allows those computers to share resources.
  • Procedures are a detailed set of instructions that are provided to the people who are using the above components to make the correct processes to receive the correct output.
  • People are the employees that are using the systems hardware and software in order to generate the correct output.  

The Major Capabilities of Information Systems

Perform high speed, high volume numerical calculations.

Provide fast, truthful communication and collaboration in organizations.

They can store huge amounts of information in a compact easy to use location.

Allows us to access huge amounts of information worldwide.

Allows us to interpret huge amounts of data rapidly and proficiently.

Increases the inefficiency and proficiency of the people working in groups in one or several locations anywhere.  

The ability to automate both semiautomatic business processes and manual tasks.


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