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Analysis of Apple

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I chose to do my SWOT analysis on Apple. Since I love computers and any kind of technical thing I thought that this would be good. I was going to do one on Microsoft but thought that I would look into a company that I really do not care that much for. I think that Apple is doing a good job at what they do but they are not really looking out for the consumers in their outlook on things. This company deals in computer hardware, software. Consumer electronics and digital distribution.


Apple has many strengths. One main strength that they have is customer loyalty. I know a lot of Apple consumers that love Apple products. So they have everything from the iPod, to the iMac. They have all the apps that a customer could possibly need. The apps, software and products help to link all of their products together. What I do on my iPhone can be synchronized with what I do on an iMac or iPad. Another strength is they have brand reputation. They are highly innovative, well designed and well-functioning products and sound business performance. Everyone knows what to expect from Apple products. Another strength is that they have their own retail stores. You can walk into an Apple retail store with your questions about your Apple products. The trained and knowledgeable salesmen will be able to help you with all of your needs. They use the products as well so they may have encountered the same problems that you have. One of the last strengths that I want to address is that Apple is one of the leading innovators in mobile device technology. Every time that you turn around Apple has an upgrade or a new product ready to put out. Consumers wait to see what they will put out next. Most people now but Apple products because they are cool and you can do a lot of different things on it. I know that Apple has a lot of strengths but these are the ones that I thought were important.


One of the biggest weaknesses that Apple has is that they are very expensive. You get a great product with limited space on it but you pay over $450 for it. When compared to their competitors they are way more expensive. Most people go with cheaper devices because of the state of the economy and they do not want to spend so much money. Another weakness that Apple has is that their operating system is incompatibility with other operating systems. You can only use certain products on their devices. This limits some of the functionalities that a user may need to have. Some off the shelf products have a problem working on the iOS platform. So now Apple is trying to adjust and make sure that they can use some of the products. Another weakness to the Apple brand


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