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Why Video Games Don't Cause Violence

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Terren Spitz


Ms Landons

Sophomore English

Why Video Games Don't Cause Violence

There are many people who believe video games cause violence and anger in a child, but there are the people who don't believe this. One of those people is me and that's why I'm here to tell you, the reader why video games are not causing violence or anger in children, teens, and adults. So why do people believe this? Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty are very popular games, they are also much related , the games both have killing in them, Grand Theft Auto is a game that you go around and shoot, kill, and steal cars. Call of Duty has shooting and killing also the online is very popular in the titles. The online you can play with all sorts of people from around the world, you start in a lobby with other people of about 12 in Call of Duty and it puts you in teams, the objective of the game is to eliminate the other team by well killing them. Grand Theft Auto isn't very different either but before I start to drift off into another subject let's start by tell you why I believe video games don't cause violence I mean that's why your reading this right? Ok let's get back.

The problem is that people don't limit them self on play time so they kind of begin to feel like there "addicted" which can totally be stopped by a time limit or a limit of some sort ("The problem is not the game itself but the lack of self-control that the player shows by not limiting the amount of time he plays. Too much of anything can be bad, and the more someone exposes their mind to violence for prolonged times the more he will become immune to the violence in real life") (Jonathan Jeffers) exactly what I am trying to point out when Jonathan Jeffers said "Too much of anything can be bad." I kind of can refer to unhealthy food. People constantly eat unhealthy food and what happens? Heart attacks and obesity. When little children first expose their minds to a video game they either are hooked and can't stop or they just don't want nothing to do with it, those that are hooked to the video game their parents need to step in and limit the time because when parents don't limit time it just gets worse and worse for the child or teen or whoever is playing the video game or else the mind can start to crazy I would know. When I was a little kid about 4 or 5, I would get up and get on the game "Grand Theft Auto III" it would be midnight and my mom and dad would be asleep and I would just keep playing, I would play that game until my mom and dad would get up, That's when I learned how to cuss and learned


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