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To Kill a Mockingbird Written by Harper Lee

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The book under consideration is entitled «To Kill a Mockingbird» written by Harper Lee. It deals with the burning issuers of racism, discrimination, violence and prejudices towards people. These problems are of vital importance because they may damage person`s personality and moreover ruin his life. The scene is laid in the fictional town of Maycomb. The main character is Jean Louise Finch, nicknamed Scout. The supporting characters are James "Jem" Finch, Scout’s older brother, Atticus Finch, Boo Radley, Tom Robinson, Bob Ewell. The atmosphere of the story is tense and dramatic.

In the centre of the plot is Scout who tells about the events that were happening around her. First she tells how she and her friends spend summer holidays trying to get Boo Radley, a mysterious boy, out of his house. Then she describes the trial of Tom Robinson a black man who was accused of raping a young white woman, Mayella Ewell. Working as a lawyer, Scout`s father Atticus tries to defend Tom accusing Bob and Mayella Ewell of lying. However, Bob is humiliated by that and vowing revenge attacks Scout and her brother Jem. But someone comes to their rescue helping them to get home. Scout realizes that was Boo Radley.

In the book we observe Man against the Environment type of conflict where the protagonist is Scout and the antagonist is people around her.

The conflict becomes evident in the scene when Miss Caroline Fisher, Scout`s teacher, patted the palm of her hand with a ruler, and then made her stand in the corner until noon. As the author put it: «Miss Caroline stood stock still, then grabbed me by the collar and hauled me back to her desk. “Jean Louise, I’ve had about enough of you this morning,” she said. “You’re starting off on the wrong foot in every way, my dear. Hold out your hand.” Miss Caroline picked up her ruler, gave me half a dozen quick little pats, then told me to stand in the corner». Through the case of gradation «picked up her ruler, gave me half a dozen quick little pats, then told me to stand in the corner» the author emphasizes that the teacher disliked Scout and it was somehow a pleasure to her.


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