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The Glass Menagerie's Protagonist

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The Glass Menagerie's Protagonist

In “The Glass Menagerie,” there were only three important characters but each of them held a very crucial part in the play. Even though Amanda And Laura were very important, I think Tom Wingfield was the protagonist. He had the most conflicts and the most scenes in the play.

Tom Wingfield had a lot to do with the play. He was someone that the family couldn't live without. Tom had internal and external conflicts. His internal conflict was that he had to make a decision of whether to leave his fragile family or not. Tom cared about the family but he also wanted his own adventure. It had been hard for him to restrain himself from what he wanted to do because he had to take care of the family. Tom thought that he had done enough. He couldn't live with it anymore and finally made the decision to leave the family and go find his own adventure.

Tom's external conflict was basically with his mother, Amanda. They argued whenever they started to talk. Amanda thought Tom was becoming like his father because he went to the movies every night and doesn't come home until morning. Amanda thought that Tom was becoming an alcoholic and started to get on his case. Because of that, Tom's frustrated, Amanda doesn't seem to understand him. Another reason why Tom was frustrated was Tom was getting old and wasn't successful, he wanted a different life and also because he didn't have anything that he could call his own. He wanted to live for himself and not for the family anymore. Tom was really annoyed by Amanda and everything else in his life so he just wanted to leave.

Tom knocked over the glass pieces when arguing with Amanda, he picked it up and felt very sorry towards Laura. She was his sister and he really cared for her. Tom had all kinds of responsibility but his greatest responsibility was to find Laura a gentleman caller. The only way


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