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Paint Pen

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2. Do Paint Pen’s products, customers; sales force, business model and challenges

remind you more of Mary Kay Cosmetics or Amway? (If you aren’t familiar with

these companies, quiz your study group members about the similarities and


Si, estas empresas suelen hacer reuniones con los distribuidores para vender

los productos (de catalogo).

3. What is your bid for the company based on its unlevered free cash flow to the


4. What is the value of the company if it is liquidated? What is the value of your

most valuable asset? Where is it depicted on the firm’s Balance Sheet?

- Si la empresa es liquidada vale $2,130.818.00 es decir todos los current


- El inventario es el asset mas valioso de la empresa. $910,790.00

5. Does Paint Pen have a little or a lot of Operating Leverage? A high or low asset


- High Asset Intensity

- High Operating LeverageMAR


- Adquirir la empresa de PainPen.


- Growth

- Working Capital

- Net Asset Intensity



-Asumí que el crecimiento


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