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Intercultural Management

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Contents Intercultural Management 2014-2015

1.        General        

1.1        Design of the course        

1.2        Literature        

1.3        Assessment        

1.4        Prerequisite knowledge/insights        

2.        Introduction of models        

3.        Assignments        

3.1        Assignment 1: A cultural assessment using the Hofstede model        

3.3        Assignment 3:  World picture test        

3.4        Assignment 4: Negotiations role play        

3.5        Assignment 5: Cultural software/loss of face        

3.6        Assignment 6: Apply models to one research country        

3.7        Assignment 7: Consumer behaviour        

3.8        Assignment 8: Marketing Mix adaptation: product        

3.9        Assignment 9: Communication and Advertising        

3.10        Assignment 10 DILEMMAS  (orgware)        

Appendix 1:        Summary models        

Appendix 2:         Hofstede model: Implications on behaviour        

Appendix 3:         Marketing Strategy        

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Drs Marlies Springorum

INHolland University of Applied Sciences

Marketing Department

  1. General

Culture and cross-cultural diversity affect people both on a personal level and in a business context. What may be quite logical, normal and desirable in your own cultural environment, may not be a matter of course in another environment.

This course helps you develop insight into your own cultural values and norms and demonstrates in what way culture impacts business practices in general and communication in particular. As communication is of course an essential component of doing business in an international, global environment, you will be presented with several models of culture. Besides making personal communication skills in an international context more efficient (negotiating with agents, importers, resellers, clients ), these models are useful when developing marketing (communications) plan.


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