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Impressions & Thoughts on Alec Ross “industries of the Future”

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Impressions & Thoughts on Alec Ross “Industries of the future”

Both of the books that I had to read were advised by Jose Marti, and “Industries of the future” appeared to be a really good one type of reading. I just swallowed its content like a lunch – and even this wasn’t an end. The book was just a “short prevue” and only caused many questions in my head and more, so I also watched around three long videos on YouTube, with Alec Ross himself, explaining the book and answering tricky questions…

So, first, I’d like to mention all (which I can recall now) global problems and raised questions that blew my mind after I finished reading: the amount of 90% of the data which has been produced since The Big Bang was developed in last 2 years and, moreover,  the whole human being history’s data from people drawing in caves until 2003 is being produced in less than 3 days now; those who own the data, own the world; society was being stuck and needs to move to another stage; genetically code is moving to another level and all crazily expensive ways of treatment now probably will be opened to everyone in the future. Alec Ross also raises very important questions like: what are the future jobs if the total digitalization comes true? What is the potential of blockchain & criptocurrency? What is the next stage of humanity?

As the key thesis of the book, Alec Ross notices very interesting relations between different levels of the history of humanity: land was a row material of the Agricultural age, Iron was the row material of the Industrial age, and data is the row material of the Information age. How can we use this to move forward, to the next stage?

Ideas that came to my mind through the reading process: people must put all their strengths and power to the developing of the new, future world. It’s not just recent years, it’s almost recent century since the world stuck, and it screams that it’s already the right time to move forward. But the whole Earth has so many different levels of development, how could we coordinate that? Or who will be first to make a step? The world needs its revolution because generation Z and Alfa, which were born from 90s until now, are already feeling huge pressure, like the coil spiring is being pressed before you let it go. It’s hard to think of what I can contribute to the world but I definitely want to make some impact to help it to boost and thrive.


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