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Happiness of a Fish - Mr Wang Dongyue

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Not a fish, that is Mr Wang Dongyue, claiming to be in the book knows the happiness of a fish is written in some relaxing rambling essays chat chat but these essays all show philosophical attainments deep, Mr.

The thought system is fully involved in the book can be likened to a spirit of the sea, waves, original ideas have been dissolved, new philosophical penetration, this is a long yet interesting process. Borrowed analogy, it (the system) can make the chest rises a blossoming of suspicion, it is also not resulting in a gorgeous sunset views, Yan Wang is a spiritual world of bitter rain it brings, it also takes this opportunity to wash down the original store in "the truth" on the dust.

Mr chat essays divided into three parts--"natural weak: weak human nature" and "spiritual knowledge: know a loss", "social reproduction: traditional shake." Roughly summarize key thoughts, was a principle of the world of the creation and evolution of all things, that is, "hands weakly compensatory principle". Embrace the Taoist, has stated that this is "way" modern notes. Advocating inaction, scornful of humanity, difficult not to feel some bearish commentators have gestures, but the reality is.

Discusses philosophical equanimity in the opening of useless and stresses in our lives that "bad streets" philosophy of the absurd. Philosophy from the West, from lack of spirit on the basis of "Ontology" to explore the inherent law of the cognitive activities of "epistemology", many philosophers and scientists to devote to the huge project that stretches for thousands of years. China also has a "metaphysics", but the Chinese are always so honest, most of the results will be close to the actual, is the thinker of the craftsman-style, it's no wonder Hegel to taunt "Oriental philosophy". But the reality did not also is the Chinese cultural tradition for


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