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This Regulation Act of Gunjan Nepal Is Prepared Under Registration Act Nepal Is Prepared Under Registration Act 2034

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Gunjan Nepal Regulation



This regulation act of Gunjan Nepal is prepared under registration act Nepal is prepared under registration act 2034.

Section 1


  1.  Organization’s Name : The name of the organization will remain Gunjan Nepal
  1. The Address of the organization: Naya bazar Pokhara 11 Kaski
  2. Organization Work area: This organization’s working area will be all over Nepal and to organize programs in other district approval from local authority should be taken.
  3. Starting: The organization will start from the day this regulation is registered.
  4. Organization’s Existence:
  1. This organization will be Non-profit organization for oppressed class community.
  2. The organization can utilize the property accordingly as normal people.
  3. The organization can resister complains accordingly as normal people and fight for their right with that name.
  1. Meaning
  1. Regulation acts means the regulation act of oppressed society corporation center.
  2. Organization means oppressed society corporation center.
  3. Association means working committee formed as per regulation act’s section 13
  4. Meeting will be called as General assembly and Special General Assembly as per regulation act.
  5. Members will be called as Active members of the organization.
  6. Rules and regulation will be addressed as Rules and Regulation as per the regulation act.
  7. Local authority will be addressed as Chief District officer.
  8. Mentioned and Mentioned accordingly should be remembered as Mentioned and Mentioned accordingly as per this regulation act or under this regulation act.
  9. Local Body will be implied as VDC, Municipality, sub metropolitan municipality, Metropolitan Municipality and District development office.
  10. Necessary adjustment will be made accordingly.
  1. Organization’s Stamp and Logo

Separate logo and stamp of the organization will be used without violating the existing rule and regulation. Stamp and logo will be as per Content 1. If the logo and the stamp matches any other organization changes will be made as per the changing process.

Section 2

  1. Organization’s Objectives
  1. The objectives of the organization will be as follows:
  1. This organization will be nonprofit social service organization.
  2. This organization will conduct awareness program related to Women’s right and social awareness program minimizing Gender violence.
  3. This organization will conduct law awareness program for back lifted community.
  4. This organization will work on the area of women’s rights.
  5. Organizes skill developing programs.
  6. Conducting Awareness program for child and youth’s right.
  7. Special program to uplift and secure the art and culture of the oppressed class, back lifted community will be organized and along with that program for the betterment of disable people and for women & children will also be conducted.
  8. Organizing programs by coordinating with government and non-government organization of various district.
  1. Work carried to fulfill the organization’s objectives

The following work will be carried to fulfil the organization’s objective:


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