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Growing Up

Autor: Alex Moreno Campos  •  March 6, 2016  •  Essay  •  1,068 Words (5 Pages)  •  466 Views

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We Grow up

There is a time and place for a lot of things in our lives. Some believe a higher power, in which they call God, has a control in their direction in life while others choose to live freely and carelessly. We come in a point in our lives where we question “who am I?” or “what do I want from the future?” while others continue on in their lives with working and not bothering to think outside the box. Marshall McLuhan came up with the question “Does a fish know its wet?” and responding to it with no. This question can be applied to a lot of things in this world. Starting with me. Am I really living or have I been used to a certain lifestyle, my own comfort zone, my whole life. What has lead me up to this point and who am I. I come from a family of 6, Hispanic blood, catholic beliefs, a family line of diabetes, and women with big gluteus’ and mammary glands. Although, all of this true, this does not define who I am.

I am a twenty year old male who has been in Reedley College for almost three full years. Coming from a family who has never tried to strive for well paid jobs or higher education I came here not knowing of the country that offers me many opportunities. I came to college just to come-three years ago, but now I come to become a clinical social worker and work/help people in their lives. I come to make a difference in at least one individual's life whether it be through a smile or future professional help. I come to not waist my family's last name. I am Alex Moreno. Future clinical social worker, current student and firm believer in Jesus Christ, past lost individual. Now we all lose ourselves in many, if not, different areas in our lives, but we learn and grow from experiences. We’ve come to see that growing up in going against our parent’s commands like touching the hot stove or eating too much candy. I’m also someone who enjoys to run long distance, read books, go on strenuous hikes, and socialize with other individuals. These things have taught me that in the long run it is almost always worth it and that it will eventually pay off, we just have to be patient. We are who we are and we are our own individual.

So far I’ve learned that writing is not just a form of bs thought, but it’s a language that we create to have our audience read and try to convey them into thinking our way and swaying them into our thoughts even for just a second. Writing is a way of art and expressing ourselves and it something we should all learn to do properly and grammatically. It’s important for those who want to get their masters. I’m sure those long research papers won’t just write themselves. It’s also nice for future critical arguments and understanding it. Books like 1984, Catcher in the Rye, and Pride and Prejudice weren’t just written in a day with no emotion, thought or research put in. These books were written a while ago and we still have debates and discussions on these because they bring that much out of us. Their form of writing has caught our attention. My perception of writing has changed since I have attended this community college. Besides the obvious “it’s not high school” statement it’s brought out more “critical thinking” and actual research and analysis to convey research papers, debates, and easy two page essays. It’s not just something we could write the night before and expect our professor to be lenient towards us. This is a symbol of adulthood and “the real world.” We aren’t below the legal age anymore. We are students who are much older, somewhat wiser, still making stupid decisions, but with the title of “legal.” Things I expect from this class is understanding the author behind Frankenstein. I’ve never read the book, but I have heard good comments about it and I’m excited to pull it apart piece by piece. I hope to learn to write with more academic words and create puzzled thoughts in my writings that make the reader really think and be conflicted at the end. I want them to have it stuck on their mind and finally understand what it is I’m trying to reach out. I hope to write a proper introduction and conclusion, my weaknesses. My strengths would possibly be research, but English has never been my number one. I hope to just gain a lot from this class and that everything be strengthened. Seeing the syllabus I can see that is a lot is expected of us in growing and understanding a research paper. I have never really written anything longer than a 5 page paper and even then I struggled a lot with it. I am excited for the challenge and hope to get an “A” in this class. Also, a lot of reading and keeping on top of our readings is required which is different, but another challenge worth taking. As Ben Carson once said “knowledge is key that unlocks all doors…”


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