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Cell Phones in Our Lives

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In today's life, the cell phones are one of the most important things that all of us have at least one, plus the technology development and new models of cell phones that have cool and useful applications, make us change them from time to time. Although, the cell phones have a lot of advantages in terms of an emergency cases and business needs, on the other hand, they could harm people in many other ways. Josh Free, in his article "The New Addiction", is trying to convince us that the cell phones have problems just like cigarettes in our daily life, by stating them as an oral habit, and they pollutes the air with noisy annoying words. In my opinion, I agree with the author's point of view and I believe that the cell phones usage should be restricted especially in terms of using them at public places, selling features to lower the noise and limiting the users by putting some special monthly plans with a higher cost.

Using cell phones in public places could be very annoying for other people, and that depends on how people talk over the phone. In many important public places, using cell phones should be prohibited like in hospitals, court rooms, and lecture rooms or even in work places. Since talking over the phone makes voice noise, people should talk quietly. Other wise, according to the article you could hear "Honey! The veal chops were expensive so I got lamb chops instead. Whaddya think we should serve with them? Do we need potatoes?" another example of voice annoying is that the phone rings of a person next to you in a movie theater while you are watching. As a result, and according to the article there is an anti-cell lobby for these kinds of places. Even though, the "No Cell Phone" signs are getting bigger and like the article said, in San Francisco, half of the shops were plastered with warnings like "Don't even think about it. Cell-phones users will be escorted out and made to feel extremely


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