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  • Positive and Negative Impacts of the Sixties Counterculture

    Positive and Negative Impacts of the Sixties Counterculture

    ? Positivity ? Hippies represent the ideological, naive nature that children possess. They feel that with a little love and conectedness, peace and equality will abound. It is with this assumption that so many activists and reformers, inspired by the transformation that hippies cultivated, have found the will to persist

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    Submitted: December 4, 2013 Autor: andrey
  • Possible Afghan Collapse/civil War

    Possible Afghan Collapse/civil War

    Possible Afghan Collapse/Civil War
 I chose the possible Afghan collapse and/or civil war issue going on right now. The Afghan government has been helped get back on their feet by American troops and money but has failed in gaining national trust. Afghanistan could turn into a civil war as U.S.

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    Submitted: December 2, 2013 Autor: peter
  • Post Civil War Period

    Post Civil War Period

    DBQ In the post Civil War period, known as the Age of Big Businesses, or as the Gilded Age period by some, many aspects of the USA were influenced by large businesses and their owners. In this period, businesses became powerful and controlling on the economy, they created different labor

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    Submitted: February 19, 2014 Autor: simba
  • Postal Clause

    Postal Clause

    The founding fathers created the postal clause because they realized how important it was for the country to stay informed. During wartime, it helped to have information and reports sent across far distances to coordinate war efforts. For elections, it helped political candidates remain in touch with the citizens. James

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    Submitted: February 12, 2012 Autor: andrey
  • Poster

    QUEZON CITY POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY Dedication The product is made because our group dedicated this to anyone who always making them motivate by looking a simple but encouraging quotes. We also choose the concept of the product because of this is not just a simple key chain they will

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    Submitted: February 25, 2016 Autor: markjc
  • Poverty or Happiness

    Poverty or Happiness

    Even with the leniency of today’s open-minded culture between men and women, it is often assumed that the male character is the head breadwinner of the family. The importance of the woman’s role, to the contrary, has been prevalent since the colonial days. Dating back to the 1700s, English naturalist,

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    Submitted: October 16, 2015 Autor: llee52
  • Pre-History


    It is commonly assumed that the pre-historic people were unintelligent, unsophisticated, and primitive for various reasons. Some of these reasons include the fact that they did not have buildings like ours today, they hunted for survival and were therefore barbaric by nature, and they were altogether less civilized. However, this

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    Submitted: November 10, 2011 Autor: moto
  • President Bush

    President Bush

    President George W. Bush’s speech was about the attacks that were made on the twin towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. He informed the nation about these attacks and made it very clear that America was grieving for the loss of all those

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    Submitted: June 12, 2015 Autor: shekapatkar
  • Presidential Veto and Pocket Veto: The Veto of The Soldiers' Bonus Bill

    Presidential Veto and Pocket Veto: The Veto of The Soldiers' Bonus Bill

    Velez Presidential Veto and Pocket Veto: The Veto Of The Soldiers' Bonus Bill Krisia Velez-Rivera GOVT-2305-009 T-TH 12:00PM Professor Shina Amachigh, PhD April 9, 2015 Krisia Velez-Rivera Professor Shina Amachigh, PhD GOVT-2305-009 April 9, 2015 Presidential Veto and Pocket Veto: The Veto Of The Soldiers' Bonus Bill A presidential veto

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    Submitted: February 3, 2017 Autor: Krisia Velez-Rivera
  • Presidents


    Presidents Throughout history, the country’s Presidents have had similar beliefs on what is best for America. The Presidents’ beliefs are similar when it comes to God, peace and prosperity. President Truman, Kennedy, Reagan, and Clinton all have in commom ending their speeches with the mentioning of God. According to President

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    Submitted: November 19, 2016 Autor: Happycamper38487
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