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The Importance of the Battles of Saratoga in American History

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The Importance of the Battles of Saratoga in American History

History is full of events that occur that have a significant impact throughout history. For American history, one of the most vital events to have occurred are the Battles of Saratoga and the impact it had on the American Revolution. The events that led up are distinguishable as they marked the foundation of the American Way. America would prove to itself that it would not back down even when things are at its darkest hour, would not falter in attempt to gain and preserve its independence, and initiate foreign diplomacy that would forever impact future politics.

The beginning of the end of the American Revolution came from British overconfidence in its military prowess and American ingenuity. In Summer 1777, British forces led by General John Burgoyne led an invading force from Canada down the Hudson Valley to Albany, New York. Two British armies would make way their way into Colonial territory, unite and capture Albany, New York. Once General Burgoyne gained control, these British forces would open communications to New York City, and continue the campaign as ordered. It was there he was to rendezvous Sir William Howe and gain advantage over the American colonies and prevent them from gaining foreign allies such as the French.

General Burgoyne believed this strike or “pincer” attack would kill two birds with one stone: Isolate New England and gain command of the Hudson River.” General Burgoyne, still some what fresh off his victory at Fort Ticonderoga, gained confidence in his prowess as he wrote:

I have the honor to inform your Lordship that the enemy [were] dislodged from Ticonderoga and Mount Independent, on the 6th instant, and were driven on the same day, beyond Skenesborough on the right, and the Humerton [Hubbardton] on the left with the loss of 128 pieces of cannon, all their armed vessels and bateaux, the greatest part of their baggage and ammunition, provision and military stores…

Considering his sizable claiming of guns and ammo, a sense of arrogance was instilled in General Burgoyne that would later cost him dearly.

While the General Burgoyne is making his way down the Hudson River, the colonials are in a frantic situation themselves. The British had a huge success at Fort Ticonderoga in which colonial troops abandoned. With this event, combined with Generals Howe’s change in strategy and success in New York City, Congress would get upset and as consequence Colonial Army Major General Philip Schuyler would be relieved of his duties, reassigned, and replaced by Major General Horatio Gates. Once General Gates takes command, the Colonial Army makes an upswing and and initiates events that would essentially give America its freedom.

General Gates setup a defensive position along the Hudson River in which General Burgoyne tried


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