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Sexism Towards Women in Ryan Movie

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Sexism towards women is visible in this movie (Ryan). The Arab women are portrayed as beautiful, mysterious, sexual beings that are prized to earn. In one scene, Aladdin is attempting to escape the royal guards after taking a loaf of bread from the market. He ends up in a room filled with women half-dressed and wearing clothes that reveals their stomach (Disney's Aladdin). In this particular scene, these Arab women do not try gather around him because his clothing states he does not have money; unlike when he became Prince Ali, every single woman wanted his attention (Disney's Aladdin). This evidences support that Aladdin was present where people go to engage in sexual activity. Princess Jasmine also wore the same type of clothing as the other Arab women. Her clothing was more provocative wearing a body fitting bra and pants, differently from other women who were wearing a Hijab (Stacey). Since Jasmine was dressed similarly to the other Arab women in a place to engage in sexual activity, this presents she is also meant to be viewed as a sexual object

This negative representation of Islamic Arab women because Muslim women are required to be fully clothed to avoid being seen as a sexual object, but Disney did not present these types of tradition women (Stacey). Even though Princess Jasmine was shown as a strong woman by rejecting Jafar and other males who wanted to marry her, in the end she was still saved by Aladdin. Not only did Aladdin save her from being in a miserable marriage, he had also saved her life from being attacked at the market. These actions show that as a young woman, Princess Jasmine still needs a man to help her (Stacey).

The main concerns of this particular Disney movie is the opening song portraying people from the Middle East come from a brutal society and how the characters are presented. Unlike other characters in the film who obtains dark skin tone color, both Aladdin and Princess Jasmine's skin color are light


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