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Nelson Mandela Fight for Equality

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Nelson Mandela and the Fight for Equality

Nelson Mandela was one of the world's most active and influential human activists of the 20th century. In his fight for equality, he fought through racism, imprisonment, and social inequality all in an effort for equal rights for African Americans in South Africa. His efforts provided hope and pride for African Americans in South Africa that things could and would get better for them in the future. Mandela was far from perfect and had many issues he had to deal with publicly and personally. He struggled with racism and social injustice throughout his life and seemed to just brush it off. Nelson Mandela overcame social inequality by breaking down the walls of politics for African Americans, being awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, and being the first African American president of South Africa.

Nelson Mandela broke down the walls of politics in South Africa and he changed the way the government worked in South Africa as well. He spent a lot of his time trying to find ways to receive equal civil and political rights even if that meant being imprisoned. Even though Mandela spent several years in prison, he still found ways to make a difference and contribute in his own ways to his people. “After leaving prison, he urged conciliation with South African President de Klerk and other government leaders. He believed such an approach would enable blacks to obtain political power peacefully.” (“Mandela, Nelson”). He was very dedicated in seeking equality for his people in South Africa and he would go through anything to achieve that goal. He wanted to achieve his goals peacefully and didn't want to resist or disobey authority.

Mandela was a part of many different organizations that offered many opportunities to find equality in politics and civil rights. Many organizations like the African National Congress, Pan Africanist Congress, and the South West People's Organization were all a part of the long fight Nelson Mandela and his fellow colleagues had to find equality and freedom for the people of South Africa. “It was during this time that he, together with other ANC leaders, formed a new section of the liberation movement known as Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation) as an armed wing of the ANC in 1961. He was its commander-in-chief.” (Korieh). Also was involved in these organizations for a purpose and he never gave up on his goals no matter what the circumstances. These organizations show how serious and passionate he was in finding equality in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela used his hardships to show not to give up and to always pursue what is right for the people of South Africa. Mandela, through adversity, was still able to find equality and freedom for his people. For him to achieve what he did even with all of the road blocks in the way shows


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