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Management and Development of People

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Management and development of people

Individual Report

Case study: NHS

Student: Richard Szilagyi

ID: 1412989

Unit coordinator: Veronica Garbett

Unit code: BSS009-2

Date of submission: 30.11.2015

Table of Contents


2.Description of theories

3.Case study analysis





               In the following report the author aims to demonstrate a clear understanding of what being a manager or leader entails in terms of effectiveness interacting with employees in the workforce area.

The first part of the report will cover topics such as motivation, leadership, team-work, decision-making, communication, problem-solving, training and development which all matters when we are required to work effectively with people, especially for a manager or, a leader.

                Looking at the main issues from NHS case study and from NHS Foundation Trust based at Rotherham General Hospital where management guru Sir Gerry Robinson accepted a challenge to reduce the waiting list and all the complains all within 6 months and without any available funds.

2.Description of theories:

The author reviewed and analyzed the relevant lectures slides and had in-depth analyses above all the theories and found the appropriate theories which are directly linked to the problems of the case study.

Kurt Lewin (Lewin, 1939) explained in his journal that there are 3 styles of leadership within an organization: autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire. In our case study based on author’s analysis, he identified the laissez-faire leadership style is present where the decision-making process is less involved and hence to allow employees to take their own decisions, beside they can be responsible for any outcomes. As an example the consultants within the hospital have entire freedom within their timetable of work, they even have off days in Friday’s.

The benefit for having this leadership style is that employees, who are highly skilled, well prepared in their job prefers to have entire freedom and not depending on managers or leaders. As a downside of this style, especially in a Hospital can have serious problems like the employees will not have a proper and specific timetable, lack of managing the projects, and the leader which is responsible for this is sharing this mentality of less concern and less care for the organization.

Further, Edgar Schein’s (Suellen J. Hogan, 2014) team working model shows us how important is the communication and team working within an organization structure and culture. The individual skills, team skills and task skills are in continuous connections keeping the day to day business to work properly. His theory is based on focusing to the problem not on changing the culture, and starting with focus groups from inside not bringing an outsider to solve the issue, but like in NHS case study if nobody has time and concern for this someone like Sir Gerry Robinson had to accept his challenge.


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