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Factors Influencing Vietnamese Customer Decision on Buying a Gaming Laptop

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1. A working title

Factors influencing Vietnamese customer decision on buying a Gaming Laptop

2. Background of study

Gaming laptops are portable personal computers that are designed to play video games as an alternative to gaming consoles.

According to the “Gaming Laptop Market Report – Forecast till 2023” by Akash and Abu (2018), Gaming laptop market is one of the fastest growing that comprise of advanced technologies. With the compounded annual growth rate of 22% each year, the total valuation of the market is expected to reach $22 Billion in the year 2023.

The major factors driving the growth of the gaming laptop market is the increasing adoption of the internet has led to the development and commercialization of gaming. Other factors such as the gaming laptops are portable personal computers that are designed to play video games as an alternative to gaming consoles. They are mainly purchased by users who are game enthusiasts and are either hardcore gamers or professional gamers.

And now, the norm “e-sports” is no longer a rare word even in our today’s life and in fact, some gamers has proven themselves to be a worthy counterweights to traditional entertainment. E-sport tournaments with millions dollar prize is placed annually on various game tittles. In addition, some even become a social celebrity and millionaire just by playing video games, such as PewDiePie – the king of You Tube, or Tyler “Ninja” Belvin surpasses Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of Twitter sport subscribers. These confirm a new tendency toward gaming-centric devices like Gaming PC, Phones, Laptops and Peripherals.

This study aims to show the effect of brand experience, satisfaction, and trust on consumer’s brand loyalty, specifically on global laptop brands in Vietnamese market. At the same time, the author wants to determine the factors that affect the Vietnamese customer upon their selection of a gaming laptop and see whether any of the mentioned global tendency affects these local categories.

3. The purpose of the study 

3.1. Research Objectives

  • To point out the customer selection criteria upon choosing a gaming laptop.
  • To determine which brand is well-known and have a strong influence upon the customer decision.
  • To describe different user segments or characteristics based on their Gaming Laptop buy decision.

3.2. Research Questions

  • What are the factors that affect the customer’s decision on buying a gaming laptop?
  • Which brand has the most influence over this market?
  • What defines the different sets of gaming laptop purchaser?

4. The scope of studies

  • Laptop users in Vietnamese major cities (HCMC, Ha Noi, Da Nang, etc…), specifically focused on Gaming branches. The expected age of the samplers is young adults (18-34 years old)
  • Social Networkers (Facebook, You Tube users) Because the project has a time limitation, all the data collected will be contributed with a significant part via these internet-based platforms. The study also includes Brand-new and used/secondhand laptop buyers to have a clear view on the market.

5. The relevance of study

  • First, the study aims to provide an initial setup for future researches on gaming laptop market, specifically focused on the Vietnamese market and South East Asia if possible.
  • Next, the study will be a notable piece of paper for those who are interested in this particular market. Manufacturers, Importers, Retailers and even sole-trader/proprietorships can use the data based on this project for their own will and implements changes to their business if necessary.
  • And Finally, the most important one is provide a serious insight to the importance of factors that motivate the customers on choosing their laptop as a gaming laptop.

6. The research design, offering details on:

6.1. Type of study

There is a large amount of information and data available on the analysis of the factors affecting this topic, so descriptive study is suitable. Descriptive research is either quantitative or qualitative in nature. In this study, the author uses a mixed of qualitative and quantitative approach to assess the stated problem.


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