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Design and Plan an Escape for a Group of Slaves

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My journey begins on a tobacco plantation in Kentucky with my brother and sister. We know that we must leave this place and find a better life for ourselves. We have heard talk. Talk of people who are able to escape this life with the help of others. So, on cold winters night when they days are long, I flee with my brother and sister. We leave on a Saturday hoping that my Master will not find that we are gone until Monday when we fail to report for chores. I find my way by following the North Star. On nights where it is too cloudy to follow the North Star, we find our way by feeling trees for the moss that grows on the North side. During the daylight, we find culverts to hide in. We travel on foot for what seems like weeks. Between the cold weather and our raw painful feet, I feel like we could barely continue on. We eventually run out of food and rely on finding pieces of corn in old fields and whatever we can along the way.

We make our way to the large Ohio river. There at the side of the river we see a black man, John Parker, waiting for us. He shows us a home across the river high on a hill with a light. That light was lantern lit up on a flag pole to let us know it was safe to cross the river. John Parker takes us in a boat across the river and gives us directions to the home. We are told to knock at the door and say that "We are a friend of a friend." When we arrive at the home, we were surprised to be greeted by a white man, named John Rankin. He welcomes us in, feeds us, and finds a place for us to hide and rest in his barn. We are safe here for now but we will need to continue on to Canada or risk being captured and returned to Kentucky. John gives us directions and locations of people that will help us to arrive in Canada. We continued our trip either by foot, wagon or train acting as servants for our white companions. Sometimes we would travel by being hidden in the bottom of wagons or other secret compartments. We would


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