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1970s Television

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        The 1970’s had a big role to play on the way media affected our culture in the world.  The decade pioneered some Television shows, that gave birth to an entire new culture on its own “the couch potato”.  However, some of these shows prevailed by sending a very strong message.  If the message was about gender, race, culture, family, fashion, values, or even social movements, it would be made during the 1970’s.

        One very prominent television show was The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  This show was about a single woman in her thirties with a successful career and life.  She moved to the big city (which was very rare for a single woman in this decade) on her own.  The television show sent a strong message to the culture, that women were able to provide for themselves, and could be independent.  Or, at least entertain the idea.

        Another very strong show during this decade was MASH.  This television show put a lot of attention on the Korean war, which didn’t actually get much attention during the 1960’s.  The television show took place in south Korea, from a soldier’s perspective.  The main message the show was trying to produce, was an anti-war one.  With it airing during the Vietnam war, it Could have helped the strong stance the people took against war in general.

        A show that played a very strong role in the way things were viewed during the 1970’s was Starsky and Hutch.  Pondering the idea if the show actually had any real influence or strong message during the decade, the actors within the show did.  Two Male actors, who had allegedly developed feelings for each other, were quickly judged, and persecuted for their feelings.  Driving the empire of the sitcom into the ground due to persecution.  While in the foreseeable future, the show, and the actors engulfed a large fan base in their honor.

        Media plays such a strong role in society, to think it goes back as far as the 1970’s, is a thought that everyone should consider. “what Did that popular show influences this year”, for the past 50 years!  It’s unlikely looking back on the trends, but maybe one-day people will be able to form their own opinions without media rhetoric and influence.


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