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Types of Firewalls

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 Hacettepe University Computer                  

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              Informatin Security  Lab

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Course :  BBM465  -  First  Experiment

Submission Date :  30.10.2016

Advisors :  Dr. Ahmet Burak Can, R.A Yasin Şahin

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Firewall are critical for the security of system. Firewall is a piece of software and hardware. Generally,  firewall can prevent the unauthorized packet exchange over the network.It is software that  used to to block attacks from the network. This software that is loaded onto the operating system, prevents the spread of malicious software to other computers on the network leaked the computer. Hardware firewall is used to protect the more wider network systems. Firewalls use advanced software to understand the harmful data.  Firewall has more than one filtering. These filtering : IP, web, port, content filtering. Firewall  types : Packet Filtreing, Stateful, Application Level Getway Firewall

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The most basic and simple firewall types. Examines the header information packets. It is not concerned with the contents of the package.Completely it takes care of thenetwork. Some criteria are checked in this firewall type for implementing  accept, refuse process These criteria : destination ip adress, source ip adress, sender port, receiver port and protocols.

Avantage : The biggest advantage of this firewall  is cost and lower resource usage. The best suitable firewall for small netwrok

        Disavntage : It is difficult to test filtering rules.  Packet filtering  can decrease router performance. Filters can be difficult to configure. It’s not always easy to reate filtering rules for anticipate traffic patterns

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  • Stateful  Firewall

Data is followed  from the source to destination. Similar to packet filtering firewall, however  this firewall is more than intelligent. Developed by Checkpoint  company. It looked at the netwok layer in OSI model. Alos, this  firewall is used to prevent to DDOS attack. This type of firewall packet before the transfer can begin the process requires the fulfillment of certain conditions.


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