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Tcs Competitiveness

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Established in 1968, Tata Consultancy Services has grown to its current position as the largest IT services firm in Asia on the basis of its outstanding service record, collaborative partnerships, innovation and corporate responsibility.

TCS has presence in 42 countries with 141 offices. It is India's first and largest software exporter.

TCS has total revenues of Rs. 30,000 crores of which Rs. 27,000 crores come from International projects, indicating the heavy focus on exports, which is a characteristic of the Indian services industry.

Objectives/Key Questions

What are the key factors fuelling TCS' growth in the last 5 years.

Is the phenomenal growth in recent years sustainable?

What is the key element of TCS strategy?

What are the major challenges in the IT/ITES sector?

Which companies are the major competitors/threats for TCS?


Case studies and literature review for the IT sector

Secondary review

White papers of competitors strategies.


Report on TCS strategies and value proposition to fuel 10 X growth.

Answers to key questions.

Detailed competitiveness journey maps

Options/profile for the firm

Scenario and roadmap of initiatives over horizons



The company had total revenues of Rs. 30029 crores registering a growth of around 8% over last year's revenues.

The expenses reduced from 74.22% of revenues to 71.05%.So profit margins increased substantially from last year. This was mostly due to decrease in the expenses in salary of overseas employees.

The decrease


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