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We take this opportunity to thank Dr. Dhruv Nath, Professor, Management of Information Systems, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon  whose help, stimulating suggestions and encouragement helped us in the time of research for developing the IS plan.

A special thank you to the following people from Sagar Trading Company for their time and assistance during the course of this study:

Mr. Girish Gupta    

Founding Partner

Mobile No.: 09717026690

Table of Contents



Company Background        


Long Term Goals        

Short term Goals        




Short Term Goals        

EVALUATING CURRENT Information Systems        


Critical Decision Set        

Critical Information Set        

Transaction Set        



This report is an insight into the operations of Sagar Trading Co., an ambitious business house which has started small but aims high. The company is in the business of distributorship presently, but plans to go deeper towards manufacturing end of the value chain.

In this report, will we try to underline the key and goals and strategies that direct the business of the organization. In this regard we would detail the business model of the industry they are presently in and their scale of operations. We will understand the systems being used by the company presently to assist in the same. On this understanding, we will try to delve into how an appropriate IS plan can be chalked out that can be of better assistance to the organization. The idea is to apply classroom learning of concepts and processes towards coming up with appropriate IT solutions that can help Sagar Trading Co. in achieving its short term and long term goals and ensure better management of the business operations.


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