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Pramtex and Kimura Kk

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Q5.Can this customer be saved? Short term? Mid to Long term? Why? Why Not?

No, this customer cannot be saved. The fallout between Pramtex and Kimura KK, was not because of a single event. It was a chain of events that resulted in Kimura KK losing trust in Pramtex entirely. To understand this we must first look at Kimura KK from a consumer needs perspective. Kimura KK desired the following three things from Pramtex:

1.Professionalism: Kimura KK is a company that works on very tight schedules as is evident from their Disney contract. Thus it is only natural they would also look for the same level of competency from their partners.

2.Special Consideration: Kimura KK tie and time again implied that they would require special consideration from Pramtex both in term of pricing and the timeline on which the goods were to be delivered.

3.Timely delivery: One of the most important conditions for Kimura KK was that the Spartacus machines. Dr. Komoda was very insistent that the Spartacus machines should be delivered “no later than the last week of July”.

Pramtex on some level managed to disappoint Kimura KK on all the three aforementioned points.

1.Professionalism:In Kimura KK’s eyes Pramtex has shown unprofessional behaviour on several counts.

  • John’s failure to send Mr Hashimoto the second Quotation on time
  • When John was informed of the Spartacus breakdown on a Saturday, he did not act on it immediately. Instead he postponed his actions by 2 days.
  • Dr. Komoda was not happy with the response he received from Pramtex on Monday. He even went on to express his displeasure.
  • The heated exchange between Mr. Hashimoto and Graham Prakke led to the indication that employees at Pramtex were unprofessional. This was explicitly stated by Mr. Hashimoto as well.

2.Special Consideration: Pramtex failed to give Kimura KK the special consideration they desired. Both Dr Nomura and Mr. Hashimoto expressed how Singulus and Marubeni was willing to offer their machines at a lower cost and how Singulus in particular “gave the red carpet treatment to Komoda and his team”. When Pramtex was asked to reconsidered the price of the machine, they failed to deliver.

3.Timely delivery: Kimura KK had explicitly mentioned how important was the timely delivery of the Spartacus machines. Pramtex failed on this front too as the machines were delayed by a few days and due to the breakdown Kimura KK schedule was further delayed.


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